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Collage of people from the Philippines playing Axie Infinity on their mobile phones

Leah Callon-Butler Highlights on CoinDesk How Playing Axie Infinity Has Helped This Filipino Family During the Pandemic

What if you can play a game and earn money from it just by playing the game?

Games on the blockchain normally issues their assets in the form of non-fungible tokens or NFT. Just like Bitcoin, NFTs have value. Sometimes, this value is more than what an entry level job anywhere in the Philippines can give you.

Leah Callon-Butler, the director of Emfarsis Consulting, recently wrote on Coindesk how playing Axie Infinity has helped a Filipino family weather the current pandemic. In the article “The NFT Game that Makes Cents for Filipinos During COVID,” Leah drove deep down to how the player, Ijon Inton, actually earns money by farming SLP, a token in Axie Infinity that one can earn just by playing the game.

Ijon said he can earn Php 10,000 within a week of playing the game. That’s around $200. According to Altitude games co-founder Gabby Dizon, who Leah interviewed for the article, that amount of money could be nothing for crypto investors, especially those in developed countries. “But for these people it means the world,” he added.

“It’s food on the table, it’s money for their families and it’s saving them when they cannot even leave the house during this pandemic.”

For Leah, the game has captured an audience despite the growing difficulties in the Ethereum network, notably the transaction fees. Still, she believes the right design and incentive could push for more blockchain games adoption. “With the right design and incentives in place, it seems more blockchain developers should be looking to the world’s underserved populations for a lesson in user adoption,” she concluded.

You can read the full article here: 
The NFT Game That Makes Cents for Filipinos During Covid.
Published by: CoinDesk by: Leah Callon-Butler (August 26, 2020)