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Sipher’s Alain Dinh on What’s Next for NFT Gaming in Asia

This is a summary of the op-ed “Sipher’s Alain Dinh on What’s Next for NFT Gaming in Asia” by Leah Callon-Butler, published on CoinDesk on February 22, 2022.

The success of play-to-earn can almost be exclusively attributed to its widespread adoption in Southeast Asia where populations in young, mobile-first, digital-savvy countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand were inclined to play blockchain games and explore the space.

Sipher, a blockchain game built on Ethereum is a casual-fighting and exploration game set in a stunning sci-fi virtual world, Sipheria, where players can meet up and socialize via their NFT characters, compete in games, and collect tradable cryptocurrency-based rewards for their achievements. The game is not only largely played in Southeast Asia, but the team is based in the region as well.

In this interview, Sipher’s Head of Partnerships, Alain Dinh, talks about plans to drive further adoption across Southeast Asia and other regions, to create online communities that thrive beyond traditional geographic borders. He also talks about the challenges the team faces being based in Southeast Asia.

“As for funding, the initial challenges were to get away from the prejudice that a lot of scams and Ponzi schemes in the crypto space are coming out of this region. But unlike a lot of projects, we don’t hide who we are, and we keep good communication and relationships with our investors, so we have been able to build trust and credibility.”

— Alain Dinh, Head of Partnerships, Sipher

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Sipher’s Alain Dinh on What’s Next for NFT Gaming in Asia” by Leah Callon-Butler

Published February 22, 2022 on CoinDesk

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