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Into the Metaverse With CyBall’s Tin Tran

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This is a summary of the op-ed “Into the Metaverse With CyBall’s Tin Tran” by Leah Callon-Butler, published on CoinDesk on February 19, 2022.

First popularized within Axie Infinity, a scholarship is an arrangement where the owner of an in-game NFT loans it to a willing player, to play the game and win crypto-based rewards. Then, the owner and player split the prizes between them. 

Since scholarships are spawned by the community to help newbies skip the hefty upfront capital requirement to play NFT games, the process for scouting scholars was always external to games like Axie Infinity. However, because of the rising demand from people wanting to play NFT games, some of these games are internalizing and automating the process of scholarships inside the game. This makes it easier to borrow and lend in-game NFTs.

CyBall, a football-themed play-to-earn game is one such game. Owners of CyBlocs, the NFTs required to play the game, can use an in-game asset lending system to share their NFTs with others. Terms of the agreement can be set via the platform, including revenue share and loan duration. If they feel the terms are reasonable, borrowers can apply directly, knowing payouts will be handled trustlessly via smart contracts.

The piece also includes an interview with the co-founder of CyBall, Tin Tran, who talks about what will accelerate the expansion of blockchain gaming and what has led to the competitive advantage of Vietnam, where the teams behind CyBall and Axie Infinity are headquartered.

Read the full article and interview with Tin Tran here: 

Into the Metaverse With CyBall’s Tin Tran” by Leah Callon-Butler

Published February 24, 2022 on CoinDesk
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