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How Axie Infinity Creates Work in the Metaverse

The prospect of Metaverse careers has recently gained serious legitimacy. In an op-ed titled “How Axie Infinity Creates Work in the Metaverse,” Emfarsis Director Leah Callon-Butler wrote about how becoming a Metaverse Filipino Worker (MFW) has emerged as an enticing alternative to the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) path.

Unlike traditional overseas work, the Metaverse provides a career destination that can be accessed with a smartphone and an internet connection. MFWs can work from the comfort of their home, be their own boss, and explore new possibilities in this uncharted territory. Metaverse jobs have offered growth, allowing talented players to assume leadership positions within the community and actively enabling marginalized individuals to participate in the global digital economy. 

It’s early days, but play-to-earn could offer a way forward. The Metaverse is cross-border by nature, so people don’t need to be.

— Leah Callon-Butler

Leah observed that blockchain gaming had gained attention. She sparked discussions about a potential shift in the job market as more people consider embracing the Metaverse as a viable career path. She stressed that this concept particularly struck a chord in the Philippines, a country known for its significant number of overseas workers. However, the pandemic has disrupted the OFW job market, highlighting the need for alternative employment opportunities. 

Leah remained optimistic that the Metaverse could bridge the gap between traditional and digital economies. She has also observed that the leading blockchain game, Axie Infinity, made waves by surpassing the protocol revenue of significant blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. It beat the combined income of the top 11 decentralized applications (dApps), such as Uniswap, Aave and Compound.

Axie Infinity’s inclusive model had set it apart, allowing people excluded from wealth creation to profit. It collected over US$30 million in fees in just one week and had a lasting impact on those seeking life-changing opportunities.

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How Axie Infinity Creates Work in the Metaverse” by Leah Callon-Butler
Published July 17, 2021, on CoinDesk

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